"I've seen a lot of acupuncturists and Taylor is the best I've met."

"He can just look at me and know whats bothering me without me telling him. He does more in one session than most other acupuncturists do in 3 sessions. He uses a variety of techniques to tackle issues from multiple angles. I highly recommend trying him out"  ~ Nick S. - Student, July 2017

"I have had numerous treatments with Taylor."

"He has extensive knowledge in both Eastern and Western medicine. He is professional AND personable. I highly recommend giving him a try for your Acupuncture needs. Great job Taylor...so happy to see that you have your own shop!!"  ~ Kelly. S. - June 2017

"I have many areas of pain that Taylor has helped me with in just one visit!"

" I'm so excited to be back for my second appointment.  He has helped pain reduction in my back, knees, IT band, and feet. Taylor is very attentive and uses acupuncture and cupping. He has had great success in his own life with these methods and now has mastered these techniques to help others I'm so grateful to have found him. I experienced significant relief after seeing him. I am looking forward to being a regular client." ~ Katie P. - Self-Employed, June 2017

"Taylor is by far one of the most knowledgeable, approachable, and understanding medical... "

"professionals I have ever worked with in my entire life.  I am 22-year old woman who has undergone 6 hip surgeries. My case is complex, and he took the time to listen to me and assure me that we are going to get through this. He goes the extra mile to make his patients feel comfortable, and I appreciate everything he has done to help me through my recoveries. There is no better acupuncture/cupping specialist in San Diego!!" ~ Kendall J. - Recent College Graduate, June 2017

"Taylor Taylor is an amazingly passionate provider of not only acupuncture..."

"electric stim, and cupping, but also of in-depth explanations about what he sees causing your muscle pain and imbalance.  My treatment was not at all painful, but I felt like he changed the way my shoulder and hip muscles were holding themselves. I had a significantly greater range of movement and felt great the next day." ~ Jennifer M. - Colleague/Acupuncturist, May 2017

"Taylor does amazing work!"

"I was really nervous to try acupuncture but I'm so glad I did. I had a difficult time recovering from 2 spinal fusions and a car accident. I was tired of pain & even more tired of harsh prescriptions. Taylor changed all of that! He has helped me move forward in my healing process through needles, cupping, and herbs. My pain, inflammation, and scaring has significantly decreased and I'm completely off narcotics now! Thank you so much Taylor - for your corny jokes & for all of the natural healing:)" ~ Leah W. - Non-profit founder, April 2017


"I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for 10+ years. I had tried everything to make it feel..."

"better (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, you name it), but nothing ever worked to really alleviate the pain. That is, until I met Taylor!  

I've now been seeing Taylor for a year and a half, for acupuncture, gua sha and cupping, and have never felt less pain, had less inflammation, and more range of motion. What's so unique about Taylor is that he takes great attention to his patients. I have never been to another provider of any service that cares as much as he does. His genuine demeanor, expansive knowledge of both eastern and western medicine, and his dedication to the well-being of his clients is unparalleled. That's why, until I met Taylor, other acupuncturists weren't helping me. Taylor takes a holistic approach to your problems and, therefore, is able to set you along the path to recovery. 

I recommend Taylor to anyone and everyone I come into contact with and truly believe in Chinese medicine, having seen its effects first-hand. I also believe that it's something you should be doing consistently, as a form of maintenance. Even if you're new to acupuncture/cupping, you will be in great hands; he makes it very easy and will walk you through the whole thing. You'll never find another provider who will help you as much as Taylor." ~ Taryn C. - Marketing, January 2017

"I came to see Taylor after having a panic attack that felt like it shook my entire central ..."

"nervous system.  I was experiencing anxiety and feeling like I was on edge. I felt comfortable immediately upon meeting Taylor and within minutes of my first appointment I knew that he truly cared about my well-being. 

I left my first appointment feeling so great…I have now been seeing Taylor regularly for the past year and look forward to every appointment! I have found that my anxiety has improved immensely, I sleep better, and I have more mobility in my typically tight neck and shoulders. He explains everything he is doing in the process and makes sure you are comfortable along the way. I am so happy I found such a great acupuncturist in San Diego and recommend him to all my friends and family!  ~ Carly D. - Yoga Instructor, January 2017


"One treatment on Monday for sciatica had me 95% pain free by the end of our cruise on Saturday. Thank you, Taylor!" ~ Deborah Batchelor/Perryville, MO (aboard Freedom/Royal Caribbean)

"I had been waking up in the middle of the night with pain going from my elbow through my right..."

"arm to the palm and fingertips. There was numbness and tingling. My medical doctor prescribed medication, testing and physical therapy. I had chiropractic treatments. Through acupuncture, Taylor Taylor relieved the pain. I have had no pain since the first of three treatments onboard the ship. I am so thankful for this resource and solution to my condition. I have also learned about stress reduction through Taylor’s Tai Qi/Qi Gong class. Thank you, Taylor Taylor!" ~ Denise Recker/Oelwein, IA (aboard Freedom of the Seas/Royal Caribbean)

"I am a registered nurse and have had chronic knee problems for ten plus years. Recently the pain.."

"had become almost incapacitating. After seeing an infomercial on the ship’s TV, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying this treatment. Taylor Taylor was personable and professional. He explained the treatment in detail and recommendations for care afterwards. After my initial treatment, I was 80% pain free, slept well and cold walk up and down the ship’s stairs (I was unable to do this on arrival to the ship). I am shocked and pleased with the results from my treatment. I will continue to use acupuncture when I return home. Your clinician is the best!!" ~ Kathleen Felton/Chesapeake, VA (aboard Freedom of the Seas/Royal Caribbean)

"Taylor is the best acupuncturist ever!"

"I had very bad back pain since 2000, especially at night which affected my sleep, and it was difficult to bend. But when I took this cruise, I met Taylor Taylor in the spa. I received the best treatment from him for my back pain, and he knew how to release that pain. Additionally, Taylor gave me the best advice and I am extremely pleased with his service and that my back pain is gone. Thanks!" ~ Mudunkotruage Don/Colombo, Sri Lanka (aboard Freedom of the Seas/Royal Caribbean)