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"a Profoundly positive impact"

Miranda Mellvile, U.S. Olympic Racewalker - March 2017

"Taylor has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life.  As an Olympic athlete, I am constantly trying to stay healthy and keep myself from getting injured and ultimately hindering my training regimen.  Taylor has been one of the people in my life who helped make this possible.  His comprehension of the body and the way everything is connected is something that sets him apart from any other acupuncturist.  He has a firm understanding of a truly holistic approach on healing.  As someone who deals with chronic injuries from being an endurance athlete, Taylor is the acupuncturist I prefer to work with and trust.  He has proven countless times that his methods will help me maintain my training and keep me progressing forward.  He is a full of knowledge and expertise on an array of topics, not to mention he has lots of good jokes.  I recommend him for your health needs."

Who is Taylor Taylor?

Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, MSTOM (Master's of Traditional Oriental Medicine), BSN  (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing) and LMT. (Licensed Massage Therapist).  Read full bio on the "Taylor's Story" page.

Conditions & Modalities

Taylor may incorporate eight different modalities in any given treatment.  See the full list under the "Rates & Services" page.

Patients with back pain are most common, but Taylor treats and is knowledgeable about a host of various conditions which can also be found under the "Rates & Services" page.


Check out what patients are saying about Taylor Taylor, L.Ac.!  See the "Testimonial" page.

Location & Hours

We recently moved to The Hub shopping center in Hillcrest, just a few blocks away from our previous location.  Find more details on our "Location/Hours" page.

Taylor's Corner

Blog coming soon.  Stay tuned for lots of educational tidbits from Taylor Taylor, L.Ac.!


Acupuncture demystified!  Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding acupuncture and Chinese medicine (check out our "FAQs" page).  If YOUR specific question was not addressed,  just give us a jingle, email or contact us by visiting the "Contact" page!  We want to ensure all questions are answered thoroughly.

Why Taylor Made Acupuncture?

No cookie cutter treatments here!

My treatments are tailor-made specifically for you!  If you’ve been to several acupuncturists for the same conditions, you’ll see a similar set of acupuncture points being used every time.  I strive to be that practitioner who gets you maximum lasting results in fewer treatments while keeping the cost to you as affordable as possible.   You absolutely get your money’s worth!  Instead of treating several patients per hour, I work on you the entire time and incorporate several different modalities of treatment every time with no extra hidden costs. My goal is to maximize your results in fewer treatments!  I'm very results driven!

Healing from the heart!

My treatments are given with TLC - Taylor Loving Care;)  I treat from my HEART!  As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine… My belief is that LOVE is the best medicine… followed by Chinese medicine, then chocolate, then laughter… I put my heart and soul into getting my patients the best results possible! If I’m ever unsuccessful or feel there is another practitioner better qualified to help you, I will certainly make that recommendation. You get the “prehab” – not just the rehab. I also provide the tools and education needed to stay active, healthy, and prevent injury in addition to treating your current conditions. 

Unique background / Diverse patients!

I am a results oriented, all natural medical-grade pain relief and healing practitioner.  I truly have an integrative approach with my background in both western and eastern medicine. I obtained my MSTOM degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as well as a BSN from the University of Hawaii  and was a nurse for about 10 years in the earlier part of my medical career prior to attending school for Chinese medicine.  

My patients are quite diverse in all aspects ranging from age to profession to activity level to injuries, physical challenges and conditions.  I also treat high profile individuals such as professional football players, Olympic athletes, professional body builders, medical doctors, and celebrity bloggers. 

Improve your health & quality of life as well as reach your fitness goals!

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